Video slot machine you can beat – Stinkin Rich and Bombay slot machine

As a slot player, you probably asked at least one time to think about how to beat casino. Copy of ktrHowever, there are no perfect answer for this question. Good news is that we are living in a world where we can collect more accurate information to figure out what it is wrong and what it is right. It is all depends on how player control money inside of casino. Before I touch this topic, I’d like to ask you about something you believe. When you go to church, you see many people worship in church. How many people do you think they are true believers? Are you truly believing in God? Because religion is very subjective, it can’t be answered with right or wrong answer. It might be inappropriate to compare to believe in God and to believe in a system that can beat casino, but people’s reaction are same when we discuss two different objects. It because of the different results from each believer or user.

In addition, most products can be compared and reviewed by previous users and gatekeepers who test a product when it is launched. Based on the fact, we are smart enough to figure out what we need to believe in when someone offers a product that you need to have for your living. We are living a world where more than 5000 apps developed per day for better human life, and with finger tips, we can generate free spin bonus at casino to beat casino and make money while we are playing at casino.

The answer of the question about how to beat casino is YES in my case. However, it requires to control emotions and money spending habit at casino. In order to win at casino, player must learn this basic factors below.

1. Testing each slot machine’s status

- It’s simple thought that all slot players think about before playing slot machine. Is this machine going to pay back some money if I play now?  SRP v.4.0 SG and BP v.1.0 EQ include how to find a loose slot machine by applying special techniques, and players can figure out whether the slot machine is empty machine or loose machine within very short period time. 

2. Betting control

- Predicting actual happening  in real life is impossible, and it is also very hard to prove the happening is predicted. However, in Video slot machine, it is possible because the RNG cycle has limit, and the entire cycle is repeating with numbers players input. Video slot machine, which has more buttons to control than traditional slot machines, can be controlled by players. SRP v.4.0 and BP v.1.0 EQ gives you power to predict when free spin bonus will be triggered. This method has been developed by Nanook and SRP Team. This method has been verified by SRP members who joined SRP and learned this method of generating free spin bonus on Stinkin’ Rich slot machine and Bombay slot machine.

It is not easy to beat casino by playing slot machine, but it is possible to win at casino if you keep all the necessary steps. Once you get used to it, you can win at casino and generate continuing income which is tax free while you are playing Stinkin Rich slot machine and Bombay slot machine.



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