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This site is created for the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine players. You will get all kinds of updated information about the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, how to win at slot machines and lot of information about strategy for playing slot machine. If you don’t know the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine, don’t worry we will tell you all about the slot machine game, slot machine tips and slot machine strategy. We want you to get all information about the stinkin’ rich machine before casino takes all your money. . If you have never played the game before, I suggest you to play the game at least 10 hours or more before practicing this technique. We will update all information regarding the stinkin’ rich slot machine including machine location, experience, and game techniques, etc.. Thank for visiting You just unlocked the vault of Stinkin’ Rich Project. Take everything we discovered, and be the Master of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine.


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We are one of biggest fan of the stinkin’ rich slot machine. We played the stinkin’ rich machine for 3 years continuously and then started collecting all information related to the machine, strategies to win and its tips and tricks. Finally we decided to create to share everything that we had collected about the slot machine game. We love to share our winning secrets and how to win at slot machine, and we also want you to share your experience and skills with stinkin’ rich fans all around the world. Furthermore, as soon as we completely beat the stinkin’ Rich video slot machine, we are planning to move on to¬†Bombay video slot machine.

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