Stinkin’ Rich Project New Feedback from SRP Member


We had a very good day using the new Bombay Project at CT Races. We took $300 to start and started off slow. The first two machines started showing the SRP’s empty machine signs. By now we were down to $230 but our luck changed quickly. We found one with a bonus showing that had paid about $50 dollars and been cashed out. We used the SRP technique right away and 13 spins later got a diagonal bonus for 25 spins and paid out about $75. After that we waited for the signs and the SRP formation lined up …from there we bumped our lines to 50 and multiplier to 3 and 23 spins later hit another diagonal for 25 spins, which paid out $315 so we were up! Soon after the bonus we started seeing the bad signs so we moved on to another Bombay. We were able to keep the bonuses coming and staying about break even on the $40 we put in until we saw SRP formation line up again….from there we were feeling lucky so we upped the lines to 100 and multiplier to 3….14 spins later we hit a 35 spin bonus for $355…from that we used SRP Technique 6 more times and got a 25 spin. This one was great…a screen full of wilds with the coins and elephants lining up all the way across the screen! One spin for $985 and total bonus of $1342…..after that we had a nice dinner on the casino.
Thanks Nanook!

Tom / SRP Member


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