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SRP v.4.0 SG

The latest version of Stinkin’ Rich Project SRP v.4.0 SG is more than a winning slot strategy. New version includes new techniques that give Stinkin’ Rich slot player full control over the outcome of each spin. We are guarantee that SRP members enjoy playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP v.4.0 SG.

To provide more clear SRP information to members, Sierra153, Hank, Shocker, and other SRP members who fully understand previous SRP techniques are helping us to complete SRP technical manuals and to organize SRP information.

SRP v.4.0 SG is the master collection of Stinkin’ Rich Slot Secrets. If you learn all SRP techniques, playing Stinkin’ Rich slot machine will be your best entertainment for your life time.

SRP Team and Nanook provide one to one technical support for SRP members through SRP Masters Forum and email and keep updating new techniques of SRP v.4.0 SG.

Join us today. It will be a wise decision.

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This past weekend we enjoyed our SECOND winning Stinkin’ Rich casino trip! We decided to play using the SRP technique. Over the two day trip we were able to profit over $1200.00, this now brings our total to over $1900.00. The first day we started with 15.00 in free play and hit a “Keys To Riches” bonus on a (15×3) bet, we were able to cash out over $600.00 in profit. The second day we were lucky enough to find a loose machine that gave us multiple “Keys To Riches” bonuses at bets of (15×3 and 15×2). We again cashed out over $600.00. We used the bonus round strategies presented in the “Secret Garden” and they paid off just as promised! We are so grateful for you being generous enough to share your SRP findings! I have attached the pictures!
Thanks again.

MhykaySRP Member

I have have been using the SRP techniques for around 3 months at the Seminole hard rock casino in hollywood FL on 1 2 3 and 5 cent machines. i have hit for 1200 dollars twice and 700 dollars 3 times. I enjoy using the SRP techniques and think its a wise purchase. thanks Nanook for sharing your secrets! i will post pics soon!!

SRTmiamiSRP Member

I recently got the SRP 4.0 with the Bombay 1.0.   I tried it on a Bombay at our local casino, started with $ 40.00 and got the signs of SRP. After 3 bonuses that paid between $40.00 and $80.00 i got a new with 10 spins, the third spin gave the coins and wilds……77382 credits, total bonus $939.00!!!!!

Thanks Nanook it really works

Leif FSRP member

I greatly appreciate the information and looking forward to the Next SRP version. We live very close to Charles Town so we enjoy going to CT slots regularly and feel much better going in with a plan. We always played Stinkin Rich and Bombay but knowing some secrets makes it much more fun!
Shocker / SRP Member

ShockerSRP Member

Playing the techniques in Florida and I have won two jackpots one for $1900 and $2500. Both jackpots were won on the Bonus using the SRP technique. The only bad thing at my casino is that the machines are all 2 cent machines and they have about 15 “new machines” and only 4 old machines. Very satisfied with my purchase of the strategy and I am heading out this morning to try the Bombay strategies.

RowdySRP member

The program has been most helpful so far and I have to say that the empty signs you explain are seemingly right on target along with some other information you share and I think the system – while not perfect – is a really great advantage for any player. I have to admit that so far I have had two different players sitting next to me at diferent casinos see that I must be on to something and even ask me what it is that I am looking for or at……….all I say is – just a lucky day I guess because I have been betting 15 cents at 1Xs pay and bumping it to 25 cents at 3Xs when the trigger comes up and the Princess Bonuses are happening more often and are paying out NICELY and re-triggeres more than I have ever seen………..this is all while the player next to me is spinning the reels at $1 per roll and more without getting the same results……….


Thanks Nanook for all the helpful advice…I hope more Bombay Slot Players will share their good fortunes with the Bombay Project 1.0 Forum…so that we can all learn from each other and walk away from the casinos with a little more money in our pockets!!! Good Luck Everybody and Share the Knowledge…We All Win in the End.

Cousin EddieSRP Member

Hey I wanted to email you to let you know how I’m doing with your strategy since I purchased it a couples months back.

I started out with 60 bucks in the machine, and i left with 130, went up to 228 at one point. The other night, I went up to almost 400 when i was down to 60 bucks and played for like 4 hrs on 60.00.

I had a lot of people looking at my slot and wondering how in the world am I getting all those bonus rounds and they can’t even get one in 25 minutes, and I have to say it feels pretty good feedback from srp members New Feedback from SRP Member www stinkin rich keys to riches bonus report stinkin rich slots stinkin rich slot machine stinkin rich slot forum stinkin rich slot stinkin rich free keys to riches stinkin rich project review stinkenrichslotpics srp stinkin rich slotsstinkinrich slot forums bombay how to retrigger stickin rich bombayslotmachine bombay slots thevsecret scam bombay slot machine bombay slot forum bombay project about stinkin rich  .

So I just want to thank you for your tutorial and I’ve been away for awhile…but luckily I discovered a new strategy on top of what you have taught me and I believe this is the best way for me to go, so far i haven’t lost money so that’s good and I’m not usually that lucky to get that many bonus rounds so it must be something that I’m doing that generates this sort of payout.


WendySRP member

Yesterday I bought the SRP 4.0 with Bombay 1.0 included.   I am not a SR player but always play Bombay. I prefer the quicker movement.  Just like your program shows I have also identified certain trigger points BUT not as good as yours.
Yesterday I read the Bombay project fully and glanced at the SR project. I went to the local casino – knowing it would be a slow night and the limited Bombay machines would be open. I played 3 machines – one had little reaction to your system but also appeared to be in the last leg of the 200+ spins without a bonus. Then I played the one next to it and while I saw VERY FAST results on your system – I must have been in that 3rd leg as that party ended soon but I made a little money. Then I sat at a corner machine and it NEVER LOOKED BACK………..I won $1,700 in about 3 hours.
I hit MANY bonus spins and also had a multi re-trigger that paid out like crazy. I hit the silver pans and stacked wilds (paid at $3) for a win of $696.00 and several others that paid nicely – naturally a few paid nothing or very little – ok not an issue.

There are NOT a lot of Bombay machines at the local places here – many are newer versions and they are VERY popular – more so than SR – maybe because of better betting control and faster action???   ANYWAY – I am not a major gambler and I just go for fun – BUT I am a statistician and love the idea of the trigger points found out – as I said I found a couple of my own that are fairly reliable but also call for heavier bets.
OK – good investment of my money so far and I had a LOT of fun with it – NEVER expected to win $1,700 – that was sweet – I have a few photos but not great ones as I was trying to NOT cause attention to myself…….wish I had the whole few hours filmed for you – it was sweet………………looking forward to getting this system down pat and maybe trying out SR – if I can get one down I can get the other one……….Thanks so much ………


Playing the techniques in Florida and I have won two jackpots one for $1900 and $2500. Both jackpots were won on the Bonus using the SRP technique. The only bad thing at my casino is that the machines are all 2 cent machines and they have about 15 “new machines” and only 4 old machines. Very satisfied with my purchase of the strategy and I am heading out this morning to try the Bombay strategies.

RowdySRP member

better day yesterday! Went with 200 plus my free credits and between SR, Bombay, and a couple other lucky games walked out with 1700!!! Woooo!!


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