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Something beyond simple understanding

It’s too good to be true, but it is true!


“The Secret”  WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!  The strategies worked as described,, although we still have to practice some more. Overall, extremely happy that I made the investment with Stinkin Rich Project.  Customer service is also awesome!!  I emailed them about 3 different times and Nanook was very prompt and helpful in his responses.

If you are reading this and are debating whether or not to make the purchase, just do it!

You will not regret your decision.Good Luck with those “One Armed Bandits”!

TammySRP Member

I have have been using the secret book SRP techniques for around 3 months at the Seminole hard rock casino in hollywood FL on 1 2 3 and 5 cent machines. i have hit for 1200 dollars twice and 700 dollars 3 times. I enjoy using the SRP techniques and think its a wise purchase. thanks Nanook for sharing your secrets! i will post pics soon!!

SRTmiamiSRP Member

I recently got the SRP 4.0 with the Bombay 1.0.   I tried it on a Bombay at our local casino, started with $ 40.00 and got the signs of SRP. After 3 bonuses that paid between $40.00 and $80.00 i got a new with 10 spins, the third spin gave the coins and wilds……77382 credits, total bonus $939.00!!!!!

Thanks Nanook it really works

Leif FSRP member

I have purchased the secret book SRP v2.0 yesterday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We read the project and my husband and I went to the casino here in California and I am just sOoooo grateful for believing in the SPR! We wanted to play the stinkin rich but it was all being played so we found Bombay and sat down. We put in $60 and te formation came out! We got soo excited and started playing 3x mutiplier and we gt the bonus within 25 spins! We were AMAZED! Then… we started trying tostop the stacked wild….. and we did!! Thank you so much for sharing…We are so happy… We are going to Upgrade soon!

Cindy & AlvinSRP Member

Playing the techniques in Florida and I have won two jackpots one for $1900 and $2500. Both jackpots were won on the Bonus using the secret book SRP technique. The only bad thing at my casino is that the machines are all 2 cent machines and they have about 15 “new machines” and only 4 old machines. Very satisfied with my purchase of the strategy and I am heading out this morning to try the Bombay strategies.

RowdySRP member

The program has been most helpful so far and I have to say that the empty signs you explain are seemingly right on target along with some other information you share and I think the system – while not perfect – is a really great advantage for any player. I have to admit that so far I have had two different players sitting next to me at diferent casinos see that I must be on to something and even ask me what it is that I am looking for or at……….all I say is – just a lucky day I guess because I have been betting 15 cents at 1Xs pay and bumping it to 25 cents at 3Xs when the trigger comes up and the Princess Bonuses are happening more often and are paying out NICELY and re-triggeres more than I have ever seen………..this is all while the player next to me is spinning the reels at $1 per roll and more without getting the same results……….


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We are one of biggest fan of the stinkin’ rich slot machine. We played the stinkin’ rich machine for 3 years continuously and then started collecting all information related to the machine, strategies to win and its tips and tricks. In 2009,  we decided to launch, and we have developed secret book SRP for four years.We published SRP v.2.0, SRP v.3.0 XO, and SRP v.4.0 SG. We love to share everything that we discovered about the slot machine game. We love to share our winning secrets and how to win at slot machine with stinkin’ rich fans all around the world. Take your time, and check how we enjoy Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with SRP.
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