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The stinkin’ Rich Project is known as the free slots bonus spin generator on real video slot machine in US Casnos, and the founder of Stinkin’ Rich Project, Nanook found this secret after playing only one video slot machine “Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine” which is the most popular video slot machine in US and Canada casinos for more than 5 years, now the the secret disclosure of SRP is spreading online very slowly.  With winning records, he wrote a secret book ‘the Stinkin’ Rich Project v.1.0 & v.1.1. in 2009, and he published SRP v.2.0 in 2010. After 6 month later SRP v.3.0 XO was published. On May 15, 2011, the latest version of the Stinkin’ Rich Project v.4.0 SG was released to the public. Each version has different strategy, and new techniques were added to generate free slot bonus spins within very short period.

New version of SRP includes how to find a loose Stinkin’ Rich slot machine, and SRP members can save hundreds dollars of money by testing each slot machine with less than $20.00.

The main  goal of Stinkin’ Rich Project is sharing the exciting moment of getting Free slots bonus Spin of Stinkin’ Rich slot machine with this secrets. However, many people still believe that Casino slot machines are all programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator) and all outcomes are indivisual result of RNG. This site is launched to prove that SRP Team and nanook can generate free spin bonus with our system. SRP is not required any illegal tools or illegal activity to play slot machine. All we need is ten fingers.

Unlike other how to win series books or video, the stinkin rich project team has been updating new techniques and tactics with secret disclosure to members who purchased the stinkin’ rich project since the first version was launched on August 15, 2009. All member sharing their experience after using the secret at the SRP Owner’s forum.The author was worried about the each player’s result with the stinkin’ rich project in the beginning, but positive feedback from SRP members makes him to keep running this project. Finally, Nanook published the final version of the stinkin’ rich project SRP v.4.0 SG.

“This secret is not for everyone.” If this secret is taken by someone who cannot control emotions while playing the stinkin’ rich slot machine, it would be a big disaster. However, if this secret is taken by the matured people who always do homework, they can beat the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine easily like Nanook and SRP members.

Take your time to read how SRP members enjoy Stinkin’ Rich Project.

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